To Walk In Balance, To Walk to Save

Golden Evening

Just a walk in the park in the evening—

The chaos in the mind melts away in the cooler breeze,

Summer flowers layer the air with heavy sweetness,

And the streetlight plays a game of golden shadows with the trees.


There are still blessings,

Wherever we may see,

But time, it runs and leaps and bounds away—


We have to do,

We have to dare,

We have to save the Earth!


In 10 years we may not recognize our lands and seas!

What will you do?



A Stilled Dynamic (#WordlessWednesdays)

A Stilled Dynamic

A Stilled Dynamic (By Radhika Mukherjee) 


My phone made a movie all by itself! It’s got the most amazing yellow roses in it!

Please watch: The Beautiful Yellow Roses (Real Beauty Series, 3) 


The Call Of The Sublime


The Lighted Dark

The Lighted Dark By Radhika Mukherjee

The gulf between the sublime and me,

Wavers some days,

Then dances away,

Delighting in just the prospect!


That long leap—

Hangs in the shadows,

Darker than dark,

Lighter than light!


Just the inward smile,

Just the breath-spirit wide,

Just a little crinkle in the heart,

Is all I have to show—


That the heart of the world had called to me one day…


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The World Is In Bloom! #WordlessWednesdays

The World Is In Bloom

The World Is In Bloom


Just Branchin’ Out! #WordlessWednesdays

Branching Out

The Wild Heart of the City

In the middle of a bustling suburb in Pune, tucked away within a broad, quiet street lined with flowers, lies a patch of wilderness.

It’s a glimpse of what used to be, before the buildings rose up; brightness and shadows kept contained by corrugated steel.

wild 1

Four trees, twisted by fate, prowl around each other among the defiant green:

wild 2

wild 3

Bougainvillea tangles into furious knots, warning greedy humans away:

wild 4

wild 5

And a young tree, full of foolish hope, dances along to the beat of the flowing creepers:

wild 6

And you?

You stand entranced. Compelled almost to tears by all this primordial intensity. Till the spell releases you, till your gaze shifts, to the road, to sweet green innocence:

wild 7

Guardians of the Sky

Guardian 2

Hold up the sky.

Channel the sun.

Encircle the earth.

Lead us from sorrow to light!

Guardian 3

In 2016, Fan The Sparks Of Hope

Happy New Year my dear, dear, friends! 🙂

Let’s make 2016 a most magical entity! Let us take the hopes and dreams of 2015 and turn it into a conflagration of raw awesomeness!

Suppose, we begin by taking a perfectly respectable spark like this:

Spark 1

And we turn it into:

Spark 2

That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

But we wouldn’t be satisfied with just that much brightness, would we?

We’d turn it up:

Spark 3

Like so!

Now we’re talking!

But why stop there?

It’s sheer awesome we’re aiming at, right?


Spark 4



Just a celebration of all things radiant!

And then for the pièce de résistance, a conflagration of proud bright!

Spark 5

That’s just happy-making., isn’t it?

Be happy in 2016, be absolutely radiant! 🙂


Tendrils of Glory



Beseeching the Universe,

For light and glory.

Arms raised.

Eyes closed.


Mind afire.


Look What The Sun Wrought

Conventional wisdom suggests that one should mainly shoot at dawn or sunset, but I’ve always been fascinated by the bright midday sun and how trees turn glowing and translucent under the strong rays of the sun.

Here are a few sun-warmed photos from a late afternoon walk: