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Incandescent (By Radhika Mukherjee)

Let’s Change the Paradigm

Bright Joy

Bright Joy (By Radhika Mukherjee)

We do a great disservice to the world, when we describe it, perceive it, classify it only through an evolutionary paradigm. All around, there are birds flying for the sheet joy of it, looping across the sky; monkeys whooping and playing and taunting dogs; there is a cow and a cat making friends… And the sun, great fiery ball of hydrogen though it may be, is smiling across to us from that unimaginable distance this fine end-of-summer day.

Even in our ‘modern’ ‘scientific’ minds, surely there is some space to expand our perception of this Earth, this Universe, to include love, the play of the spirit and sparkling, connecting joy?

Irrespective of species?

The mind extends beyond the body, it has to. If we can accept wi-fi, why can’t we think of our brains as being able to transmit waves of thought and intention? It’s all the co-mingling of matter and energy and vibrations, isn’t it?

What if the purpose was not to merely ‘evolve’? But to experience? To add? To feel?

What if each life, each rock, each drop of water, was an end in itself?

What if?



The Bright (By Radhika Mukherjee)

Glimmering sunlight liquid in the treetops,
A friendly crystal drizzle.
Missing rainbow.

A huge sigh envelops the world…

In 2016, Fan The Sparks Of Hope

Happy New Year my dear, dear, friends! 🙂

Let’s make 2016 a most magical entity! Let us take the hopes and dreams of 2015 and turn it into a conflagration of raw awesomeness!

Suppose, we begin by taking a perfectly respectable spark like this:

Spark 1

And we turn it into:

Spark 2

That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

But we wouldn’t be satisfied with just that much brightness, would we?

We’d turn it up:

Spark 3

Like so!

Now we’re talking!

But why stop there?

It’s sheer awesome we’re aiming at, right?


Spark 4



Just a celebration of all things radiant!

And then for the pièce de résistance, a conflagration of proud bright!

Spark 5

That’s just happy-making., isn’t it?

Be happy in 2016, be absolutely radiant! 🙂


Look What The Sun Wrought

Conventional wisdom suggests that one should mainly shoot at dawn or sunset, but I’ve always been fascinated by the bright midday sun and how trees turn glowing and translucent under the strong rays of the sun.

Here are a few sun-warmed photos from a late afternoon walk:



At The Cusp of Magic

At The Cusp of Magic

At The Cusp of Magic

The Sun Plays with the Sea

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Parachute Watch

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An hour ago there was grey, visibility obscuring rain.

By the time I stepped out ( By secret pact) —

Only for me — came a little warm, damp sunlight.

Standing under a newly awakened, bright-leaved tree,

I looked up and saw the sun winking down at me.

A sparkle here, a glow amid the dappled dark – Kaleidoscopic –

Which made the soul sing for just a little while.