A Wedge of Wednesday Wisdom

Wisdom I’ve gained this day:

Your first responsibility is to try and be open and vulnerable to yourself. Admit any aspects of shame, fear, anger/anguish, etc. you are carrying around. Explore ‘weaknesses’, don’t hide from them. Connect to everything about your self. 

That’s when true, integrated strength, a sense of purpose and connectedness begin to emerge. You begin to ‘flow’ in the world again. 

Start exploring the interior landscape. The rewards are myriad! 


Morning Glow (#WordlessWednesdays)

Morning Glow

I Want To Be A Lotus! (#WordlessWednesdays)

I Want To Be a Lotus

I Want To Be a Lotus By Radhika Mukherjee


Video 2 of the Real Beauty Series is now live! It’s a lovely moment of mindfulness, with swaying boughs laden with flowers!

Watch: The Beautiful Sway Of Flowers In The Wind (Real Beauty Series, 2)


Morning Walk Gift: Flower and Bee Macro

Sometimes, the simplest of equipment, the most basic of setups suffices to produce something marvelous.

Presenting: a phone camera macro, of a flower, a bee and even a tiny little golden ant!

The whorl of flowers seemed perfectly poised and then as I was taking the photo, this tiny feisty black bee landed on the petals and completely unconcerned about the giant with the phone filming the scene, it went about its vital job of nectar hunting!

It was amazing!

Found on a silver-golden morning walk.

The Flower And The Bee

The Flower And The Bee

Hummingbird Happiness

Falling leaves,

Flitting hummingbirds,

– Sunlight symphony.

Bright Flight Of Whimsy


Just the bright in my life,

Give me the sparkle,

Dissipate the dross.

I want to surf the crest only,

The trough is not for me.

In the dance of lifts and swoons,

I would be ever airborne.

What do you expect,

If you trap a creature of mountain and air,

Here on the dreary plains?


Wings of mind,

Wings of spirit,

Wings of heart—

Carry me far aloft,

Into massed cloudbanks of wonder.

Indigo winds beckon,

Invite me into their play.

In a trance I dance upon the air,

Twirl around a swirling pillar of soft white,

And clap as a rainbow fills the skies.


Reaching Towards Perfection

Nearly Perfect

Wildflower Medley

Sometimes the simplest roadside plant can contain such a richness of color and beauty! Many mornings ago, these multi-hued confections of petals caught my eye…

They sprung up from a shrubbery in pops of brightness:

Wildflower Carpet

And on closer inspection, I saw:

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Happy weekend! 🙂

Flowers of the Monsoon

The world is sparkling in color with the rains. The greens are greener and fresher, tender. The air is humming with cool freshness. And the flowers! Wow! The flowers are so happy, they almost dance!

Here are a few flower photographs captured on evening/morning walks around the neighborhood. On these walks I breathe! And sun-hunt and flower-hunt ever so happily.

First come the serene, rain drenched whites:

Then skip up the pinks:

Yellows nod at you cheerily:

Royal red says, ‘Yes indeed, more monsoons please!’

And did I forget the cat? Here’s the serene cat I met, resting ever so trustingly on a parked car. She was very gracious about being photographed.

What have you enjoyed about your walks recently?

Wild-ish Encounters

Even the urban space yields encounters with the wild and wonderful. In the last few days I’ve been cawed at by a raven, blinked at by a cat, been slobbered over by the cutest lab puppy (no photos unfortunately) and watched the camel man giving rides to children, wishing I was 4 again.

Here are a few photos:


Raven 2

White Cat

The Camel

What have been some of your wild-ish encounters lately?

Celebrating A Hundred Posts On Light Under Shadow!


It’s been quite a ride, hasn’t it? Started as a way to feel creative, like me again, Light Under Shadow was originally called ‘From Deep Under The Shadows’; exactly what I felt like, that I was hidden somewhere in shadow.

From tentative beginnings to finding validation for being all that I can be, to this amazing milestone, of a 100 blog posts! It’s been a blessing to be a part of the WordPress blogging community for all these years!

I want to thank you for daily doses of inspiration and soulfulness and for the amazing support you have shown this whimsical little blog of mine.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane with a recap of a few noteworthy posts:

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3 Most ‘Liked’

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3 Most Commented:

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A Few Personal Favorites:

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Since… [A Short, Fictional Poem]



I hope to see you here for the next hundred posts! 🙂

Time’s Gifts: New Favorite Things

Smiley Dolphins. Photo Credit: Pinterest.

Smiley Dolphins
Photo Credit: Pinterest.

Moving through the years, one accumulates a wealth of things. Some of these ‘things’ are material and many, many more are ephemeral wonders that bring a simple and bright joy. I got thinking about what are my newest favorite things and in no particular order, here are some of them:



The single green-yellow butterfly in the garden outside

Intense blue Pune spring and summer skies

The curtains of bougainvillea lining the main road

Brandy snap biscuits from the Cookie Man stalls

The miniature Van Gogh print on one of my bookshelves

Sketching and my new sketching pencils


Aloe Vera

Tart and tasty strawberry jam from Green Tokri that cures all ills

Guilty pleasure: Red Velvet pastries and cupcakes with delicious cream cheese filling from Moshe’s at Crossword, Aundh

Downton Abbey

Tea Tree Oil – amazing for skin ailments

The scent of lavender

Trying the Headspace meditation introduction course in quiet, luminous afternoons

Slowly getting my words and rhythms back

My new sunburst yellow kurta

The joys of planning a book out

The pain of actually sitting down to write it

Re-reading, re-discovering Terry Pratchett

The Upanishads

P.B. Shelly Poems

Twitter poetry

The incredible and incredibly talented WordPress Blogging Community that inspires me so!

Pretty bookmarks

Being calm, gentle and open

Letting go of anger, and learning to be vulnerable again

My shaggy pink stuffed-toy mascot…


What are some of your favorite things?

To Visit The World of Wonder Again

World of Wonder By Radhika Mukherjee

World of Wonder
(c) Radhika Mukherjee

The Pink Greetings of Spring

All of winter I tarried.

The morning walk never materialized.

And then came warm and bright and welcomed me outdoors.

I went walking with the sun’s arrival and was rewarded—

With curtains and curtains of the pinkest bougainvillea!

Wreathed in vibrancy,

Making a glory of the road and trees and walls they embraced.

They nearly sing out to you, such colours they display!

And it is with a pink smile that you come back…

After being greeted so sweetly by Spring!

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The Mists of Serenity

The Mists of Serenity by Radhika Mukherjee

The Mists of Serenity

Just ripples and reflections and a hint of mist in the air…

Take a minute to stare…

Comes Peace.

Comes Serenity.

Comfort Reading

Comfort Reading

Comfort Reading

When I’m stressed or sad or I want to soften my sense of self,  I read Eva Ibbotson and her books for grown-ups and sometimes her kid’s books as well.

When I want to regain my sense of humor and buoyancy, I read the inimitable Terry Pratchett and his Discworld books.

I call this comfort reading.

And as I wander into another round of comfort reading, I started wondering about this  phenomenon. So here’s a question for you:

Do you practice comfort reading too? Is there a specific book or author you turn to?

Tendrils of Light and Color

Here’s wishing you that special light you seek in this season of joy and wonder, endings and beginnings! 🙂




Flowers & Light |  © Radhika Mukherjee

Flowers & Light | © Radhika Mukherjee


How Quietly The Seasons Change

How Quietly The Seasons Change

A Beautiful Sendoff From the Bengal Sky

Resplendent Bengal Sky ~ (c) Radhika Mukherjee

Resplendent Bengal Sky ~ (c) Radhika Mukherjee

For the past month or so, I was in Bengal, where I am from.

It was an extraordinary month for nature’s beauty and bounty.

(Mangoes in August/September, what unexpected richness!)

And on the way to the airport, it was as if the land and skies shone especially bright. (Dare I say for me?)

I hadn’t seen such a crystal sharp, luminous, laughing sky in a long time.

Another rewarding experience was browsing through the airport bookstore and discovering they’ve stocked two books edited by me!

So this is a thank you to Bengal (and my Mom!) for a wonderful trip and an amazing send-off!

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A Week in Colour and Contrast (In Photos and Verse)

first it rained in a grey glow

and the filigreed leaves of the tamarind tree

danced in happiness

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then there was a hint of light atop luminous cloud banks

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then there was – outright and audacious – the sun

and green and brown sang out in glory

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with the drama of the sky stage as a fitting finale

Sky 4

Celebrating Springtime with a Poem and a Photo!


Spring! (Copyright: Radhika Mukherjee)

Just before the spring rains drummed out its beats
There was a day of transcendent brightness…

The world smiled!

Blue brightened
Fluffy white clouds sparkled
And Green sang!

The Ice-Tea Experiments

One afternoon in Goa a glass of ice-tea and the way it caught the light – the golden luminance of it fascinated me. I took so many pictures and maybe a few conveyed the glow my eyes saw.

Here for you, are : The Ice-Tea (Photography) Experiments:

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An hour ago there was grey, visibility obscuring rain.

By the time I stepped out ( By secret pact) —

Only for me — came a little warm, damp sunlight.

Standing under a newly awakened, bright-leaved tree,

I looked up and saw the sun winking down at me.

A sparkle here, a glow amid the dappled dark – Kaleidoscopic –

Which made the soul sing for just a little while.