The Silent Women (New Flash Fiction)

And the women, they did not scream. They moved silently, carefully, strategically.

They closed in on the man with the axe and rod, who was charging at them shouting guttural obscenities.

They had their lassoes ready and their pepper spray.

As one they sprayed him, some from behind, some upwards from the front, as they bent on the ground to escape notice. In a minute they had him writhing on the ground – shrieking – axe and rod abandoned in helplessness.

They tied him up and carried him away.

To where he would be shown a better way. 



(Copyright: Radhika Mukherjee)

Best Review Ever For ‘Our Particular Shadows’


If there’s a dream review, this is IT!  @saket71 has shone a piercingly poetic light into the heart of Our Particular Shadows and really, truly SEEN. I’m in utter bliss. Such a generous blessing this review is!

Read the full review:  Book Review: Our Particular Shadows

Some of my favorite parts of the review are:

Radhika writes prose but it is so near to poetry. … It has the magic, the vigor and the flow much nearer to spoken-word poetry. The magic of experimental prose is in the honesty it carries. It is as if the writer decided not to let his own consciousness stand between the page and his soul, as if the medium merged into the creator and they are no longer two distinct entities.

Amazing, right?

And who can ever forget praise such as this?

I am totally in awe of Radhika Mukherjee’s talent. She is a mystic poet who camouflages herself as a story-teller. Her writings are not for you if you are looking for trendy stories. If you want to read something timeless, something which will survive both the reader and the writer, do read this. I am greedy. I do not know if Radhika plans to someday write a full-length novel. If she does and if these stories are any indications, we might have a writer penning something like The Waves of Virginia Woolf someday. Her writing is experimental prose which is so rare to find these days. Dive in to discover the divinity in the magical world of words. This is the book you will keep coming back to, whenever your soul is bruised by the brutal world we live in, and I am sure, it will always soothe your senses.

Here’s the full review again: Book Review: Our Particular Shadows

To take the journey, at $0.99 for the eBook of Our Particular Shadows, go to:

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Happy soulful reading!🙂

It’s Awesome #Review Time For ‘Our Particular Shadows’


Our Particular Shadows has received a thoughtful and delightful professional review from Readers’ Favorite!

It begins like this:

If you are looking for a collection of short stories that express various emotions but should be sipped upon as a fine wine, Our Particular Shadows (Shadow Stories Book 1) by Radhika Mukherjee can be the taste for your palate.

And then just makes my hear sing!

Read the full Review!!

To take the journey, at $0.99 for the eBook, go to:


B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd:

Happy soulful reading!🙂

It’s Book Release Day For Our Particular Shadows!

Our Particular Shadows By Radhika Mukherjee

Today is the book release of Our Particular Shadows, Book 1 of the Shadow (short) Stories and my first baby book!

From 2013 when it was first available, to 2016, it has been quite a writing journey!

This is the blurb for Our Particular Shadows (OPS):

What haunts you? What is your most intransigent fear? What is your stubborn trigger?

These are shadows. Your particular shadows.

The protagonists of Our Particular Shadows wrestle with their shadows, which could very well be your very shadow. There is no race, no gender, no nationality, no caste to distract you in this reading experience. Just the pure human experience of being and feeling and hurting and seeking…

The seven stories of Our Particular Shadows evokes devastatingly intense raw emotions and leaves you with a spirit that has in some measure cried out its lingering shadows. Your longing for connection, your promise of joy to yourself, your ever-evolving relationship with your ‘magician’, your absolute obsession with The One, even if they are your poison, the questions you ask each other after weathering devastation, the way you would nearly shoot yourself to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, your quest for quiet and satisfaction. You’ll find it all here.

Reach out—

Read the first story of Our Particular Shadows, ‘Longing’, on which the current book cover is based, by clicking: HERE!

At the moment, Our Particular Shadows is live only on Amazon, so to buy the eBook of Our Particular Shadows for $0.99/INR 49 (Amazon India), just click HERE!

(The book cover reflecting on the sale page is the first version, which I am working to get updated, but the text, etc. is the current one.)

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Don’t forget to leave a review! It helps immeasurably!

I can’t tell you how utterly lovely it feels to have Our Particular Shadows out in the world again! It’s coming full circle, it’s completing the first level of the apprentices journey and it’s a sign to move forward!

Happy soulful reading! 🙂


Celebrating A Hundred Posts On Light Under Shadow!


It’s been quite a ride, hasn’t it? Started as a way to feel creative, like me again, Light Under Shadow was originally called ‘From Deep Under The Shadows’; exactly what I felt like, that I was hidden somewhere in shadow.

From tentative beginnings to finding validation for being all that I can be, to this amazing milestone, of a 100 blog posts! It’s been a blessing to be a part of the WordPress blogging community for all these years!

I want to thank you for daily doses of inspiration and soulfulness and for the amazing support you have shown this whimsical little blog of mine.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane with a recap of a few noteworthy posts:

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I hope to see you here for the next hundred posts! 🙂

About : Our Particular Shadows

If you want to know a little bit more about my book, “Our Particular Shadows”, then read on:

“Our Particular Shadows” represents some of my earliest, discrete works. These are very short stories, between 400 to 1200 words, of an abstract and experimental nature. They were written to experience the human condition more fully, to processes pain and desperation and happiness through the self, distil them and write about them in the truest manner possible. I envisaged that anyone, from anywhere should be able to read these stories without any filter of gender, class, or nationality and get directly connected to the emotional chaos that lies at the core of these stories.

Our selves, our deepest consciousness are not always coherent, do not always speak in complete sentences, so in my quest to portray the internal dialogue of my narrators, to bring you their unfiltered story, I have had to evolve my very own style of writing stories. Each of these stories is a raw cry of pain. My hope is that I have been able to bring you a tactile sense of the world of these wounded souls and that reading the stories will be a cathartic experience for you.

Book Release News: Our Particular Shadows

Hello Everyone!

After a wonderful book cover reveal, I set off late on 18th January to the forests of Amazon(.com) to submit my book. Now I had promised a release date of 19th January and it was quite late, so I wasn’t sure if I would make the release date.

From 11 pm (18th) to 2 am (19th) I re-formatted my manuscript, wrote the book description, wrote an author bio, re-validated my Amazon account and went through all the stages of uploading a book on Amazon, keeping a desperate eye on the clock. I was also able to complete a preview of what “Our Particular Shadows” would look like on various devices.

(Hint: Awesome! )

In the middle of this mad rush, my heart swelled when I saw this:


It felt so real! Like this is actually happening, I am a ‘real’ writer, an Author! It was a wonderful feeling. One that will keep me in the writing space for years to come!

Finally, all the modalities were over, and Amazon informed me that as my book was in English, I could expect it to go live in 12 hours. You know what? They didn’t even take that long!

I however, figured out that my book had been live since 7 am only this afternoon, as the confirmation mail had got stuck in my spam folder! But better late than never, right?

So now, here it is!! On the promised release date!

This is awesome!

Book Cover : Our Particular Shadows

Light Under Shadow is back with a bang!

It gives me immense pleasure to share the Book Cover of my upcoming book of Short Stories, “Our Particular Shadows” with you!

Tarrahhh!! Here it is:

Our Particular Shadows_Cover

Please let me know what you think.

Our Particular Shadows releases on 19th January 2013 through Amazon. 

Read more about it on Goodreads: