This Day, This Time, Is Ours!



From afar I watch a mansion crumble,
I watch the inconceivable take shape,
And somehow, I am strengthened in my self.
Somehow, I feel the essential taut granite in me,
The one that holds up the truth.
Today I know that if there is to be any hope,
We each have to ascend.
Find our power, flex it,
And go heal this earth of ours.


Reaching Towards Perfection

Nearly Perfect


When The World Stops

When The World Stops By Radhika Mukherjee

When The World Stops By Radhika Mukherjee

The Other

The Beautiful Other

The Beautiful Other by Radhika Mukherjee

We were once all one.

Swirling embraced in a space infinitely small.

Then we separated into galaxies.

And  suns.

And planets.


And now on this earth—

We have become ‘other’.

Why is that?

earth spirit

On the Space-Highway car,
In a galaxy afar,
I met a girl with sparkling, swirling hair;
Through her heart, a gaping tear
And she asked me, “Where do you come from darlin’,
From where do you bring such pain?”

I pointed to a curved blue plain.
In the dark,
I pointed to a killing, burning plain.
From whence; everyday, everyday
Her heart would make a little more way
For the monsters to hide in.

For the monsters to dissolve,
Frightened at their own resolve.

And the girl’s eyes would tear
And the tear in her heart would despair.
–There was very little space left……..

And still, she said to me, “Darlin’ give ME your hurt,
Let me soothe your wrinkled soul;
On me it’ll take a smaller toll.

“Because, darlin’, I too am fled,
I left my world,
My loves,
And all my selves.
I’m going again to find myself;
Far from where I only bled.

“Oh darlin’, yes! Will you come with me?
Come with me to the new Rainbow Tree?
I hear they’re giving out planets there,
Lets go and grab a front-row chair!
And this time, to them I’ll say,
‘My purity, please, do not betray!?’

“Will it be worth it, do you think?
Or would you like, to simply float awhile,
– Waiting for eventuality to smile?……….”

And I – I suddenly understood:
Looking at the browns and greens,
In her blue-white hair.