A Wedge of Wednesday Wisdom

Wisdom I’ve gained this day:

Your first responsibility is to try and be open and vulnerable to yourself. Admit any aspects of shame, fear, anger/anguish, etc. you are carrying around. Explore ‘weaknesses’, don’t hide from them. Connect to everything about your self. 

That’s when true, integrated strength, a sense of purpose and connectedness begin to emerge. You begin to ‘flow’ in the world again. 

Start exploring the interior landscape. The rewards are myriad! 


What Does The Blank Page Say?

Such an inviting thing, the pristine blank page!

Just waiting there with a hidden mischievous smile. Such temptation for me! To jump into the fray. To cavort with words, to play with sound, to create a whole world around.

To color it with ecstasy!

But sometimes, I have hesitated. Sometimes, I have been afeared. Sometimes tired, sometimes dazzled and many times too puzzled to respond.

Still it waits.

“Oh you will fall for me,” it says.

And I, what do I say?

“Yes, oh yes! Always!”

Why I Don’t Write Good

After reading some of the most common writing advice out there I have come to the conclusion, I don’t write well.

My writing vices are:

Rich, redolent, nuanced language.

I don’t do simple.

Unusual, made-up constructions in language and thought.

Playful inventiveness.

A balance between showing and telling. As a writer, as a narrator I want to speak directly to my reader sometimes.

The story, the characters, the ideas are my special interests.

My characters are special people. I don’t write about everyman.

I write 1 sentence in place of 10.

The reader has to stretch and adjust and learn our common secret idiom.

Abhor plain and/or idiomatic language.

I think one word sentences are my right to write.

I just write the story, as it wants to be written.

Don’t pay attention to genre/rules.

I believe I am an artist working with words and I need to create unique beauty.

Writing is my life.

To make mine.

To rediscover.


What about you? In what way are you a fierce artist? And don’t write good?


However, there is one bit of advice I loved and which had affected my writing as well as my editing and critiquing and that is: Chuck Palahniuk on ‘Thought Verbs’



One Kind of Magic

A silver spiel detaches—

And so, a story starts.


Starts again.

Quicksilver pushing iron,

Reality blends for fantasie’s ends

Into wondrous colour.

A continuous weaving

Shining cloth, intricate designs.

A sparkle or two of genius,

The pirouette of a Ballerina,

The wings of a swan.

That for a second—

Illusion flight!


Dear earth bound tree

And lingering threads of ecstasy.

Fruit of sapped, synthesized Joy…

That glow forever in thee.

The Bell

There are stories coming, can you hear?


When ideas seem alive

When life seems made of rich, tactile textures

When someone else’s song moves you to tears

You know your own song is just waiting in the wings


The first soft footsteps-

Curling tendrils of resonance


A double life – being doubly alive!

It waits, it waits!

Thought / Question

I got a great idea for a blog post – to relate a popular cultural icon to writing – and as soon as the idea popped-up; the words started to flow.

I tried to stem the cloud-burst; tried to jot down only the main idea in short form – as I had no time then – to come back to the actual writing later.

Alas, now that I stare at my miserly notes of hours ago; I find that the words have flown away. The scribbles on the page just don’t call up the same intense expression and thought-flow as the original moment of inspiration.

Why couldn’t the words just wait for me? Why did they fly away?



In the raw ferment of the new year, many things become clear, that things have yet to be done and yes, this is going to be one of those self-conscious posts about making plans for this blog (we all do one of those sometimes).

2010 has been a rewarding year in terms of writing. From being the garret/attic writer who wonders what is wrong with her, to one with a bona fide blog, many writer friends and a publication coming up!

Yes, a few of my short stories have found a home, with ‘Ether Books’ and you can find out about Ether Books here and about me as their author here.

December 2010 was mainly one of reflection and thinking for me. The base of many posts and articles were laid down, in my sleek, resonating, black notepad (paper, not machine) and will be expanded upon well into 2011. Which is of course a good time to think about direction. To think of a niche for ‘Deep Under the Shadows. The theme still remains the same:

Books, Writing, Beauty, Poetry, Publishing, Finding a Voice.

Where do you think ‘Deep Under the Shadows‘ should journey?

Please share your ideas in the comments section below.


Blogging Thought – 10/10/10


I am so grateful to the internet and to this way of connecting to the world. I have spent the last 10 years being the mute writer. I had things to say, but no one to really listen. I felt silenced, like an essential part of me had no place in the scheme of things.

Now, this little Blog and all the other writing blogs and articles I read is turning my thoughts more and  more to becoming my dream. To write, to write, to write…..(and blog)… forever!



When we hurtle through life so—



Joy Beckoning.

Despoiled – sometimes.

And away a feather.

Tender bright.

On the sunset that never was.

—  I resound without meaning.

Lost in shade.

Through all the flickering lights

The blaze glories.

The red and yellow streaks of fire

—  My last present.

Me, do I bequeath to you?

The night-time beckons.

When are we truly alive you and I?


But still it calls.