Best Review Ever For ‘Our Particular Shadows’


If there’s a dream review, this is IT!  @saket71 has shone a piercingly poetic light into the heart of Our Particular Shadows and really, truly SEEN. I’m in utter bliss. Such a generous blessing this review is!

Read the full review:  Book Review: Our Particular Shadows

Some of my favorite parts of the review are:

Radhika writes prose but it is so near to poetry. … It has the magic, the vigor and the flow much nearer to spoken-word poetry. The magic of experimental prose is in the honesty it carries. It is as if the writer decided not to let his own consciousness stand between the page and his soul, as if the medium merged into the creator and they are no longer two distinct entities.

Amazing, right?

And who can ever forget praise such as this?

I am totally in awe of Radhika Mukherjee’s talent. She is a mystic poet who camouflages herself as a story-teller. Her writings are not for you if you are looking for trendy stories. If you want to read something timeless, something which will survive both the reader and the writer, do read this. I am greedy. I do not know if Radhika plans to someday write a full-length novel. If she does and if these stories are any indications, we might have a writer penning something like The Waves of Virginia Woolf someday. Her writing is experimental prose which is so rare to find these days. Dive in to discover the divinity in the magical world of words. This is the book you will keep coming back to, whenever your soul is bruised by the brutal world we live in, and I am sure, it will always soothe your senses.

Here’s the full review again: Book Review: Our Particular Shadows

To take the journey, at $0.99 for the eBook of Our Particular Shadows, go to:

Amazon (all territories):

B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd:

Happy soulful reading!🙂


Girl In A Word Cloud (#WordyWednesday)

When you see me, think of words. 

A swaying mass of swirling rainbow words in tangible girl shape. I’ve become indistinguishable from the resonances in my mind.

I am my words. Words are me. They make me, just as I make them. That’s my space in this world!

Words to wonder.

Words to heal.

Words to lay down and cry.

Words to comfort.

Words to whisper.

Words: the most precious of them all. 

Words = Rads! 🙂 

It’s Awesome #Review Time For ‘Our Particular Shadows’


Our Particular Shadows has received a thoughtful and delightful professional review from Readers’ Favorite!

It begins like this:

If you are looking for a collection of short stories that express various emotions but should be sipped upon as a fine wine, Our Particular Shadows (Shadow Stories Book 1) by Radhika Mukherjee can be the taste for your palate.

And then just makes my hear sing!

Read the full Review!!

To take the journey, at $0.99 for the eBook, go to:


B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd:

Happy soulful reading!🙂

Everywhere You Can Read ‘Our Particular Shadows’


So much of my heart is in this book! All that was sad and sublime, beautiful and breaking…
If you want to dive into another’s mind to better explore your own, this is the book for you.

Our Particular Shadows is a book of micro-fiction containing 7 stories told from close first person, which explore a gamut of emotions and situations.

To learn more, read the blurb below:

What is it that haunts you? What is your most intransigent fear? What is your stubborn trigger?
These are shadows. Your particular shadows.
The protagonists of Our Particular Shadows wrestle with their shadows, which could very well be your very shadow. There is no race, no gender, no nationality, no caste to distract you in this reading experience. Just the pure human experience of being and feeling and hurting and seeking…
The seven stories (micro-fiction) of Our Particular Shadows, for all their poetry, evoke devastatingly intense raw emotions and leave you with a spirit that has in some measure cried out its lingering shadows. Your longing for connection, your promise of joy to yourself, your ever-evolving relationship with your ‘magician’, your absolute obsession with The One, even if they are your poison, the questions you ask each other after weathering devastation, the way you would nearly shoot yourself to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, your quest for quiet and satisfaction. You’ll find it all here.
Reach out—

OPS Trees

There’s quite a journey hidden within this slim volume of micro-fiction!

To take the journey, at $0.99 for the eBook, go to:


B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd:

Happy soulful reading! 🙂




An Amazing 5-Star #Review for Our Particular Shadows

Flower Present

It’s a good day when the the morning brings you news of a 5-star review for your book, right? Like someone giving you a flower!

Our Particular Shadows was called ‘delightfully much like poetry’ and ‘Spellbinding!’ on Goodreads and my heart is just brimming over!

Here’s the full review!

And just in case you want to check out the eBook on Amazon: CLICK HERE!

I’d love for you to experience my poetic micro-fiction!

It’s Book Release Day For Our Particular Shadows!

Our Particular Shadows By Radhika Mukherjee

Today is the book release of Our Particular Shadows, Book 1 of the Shadow (short) Stories and my first baby book!

From 2013 when it was first available, to 2016, it has been quite a writing journey!

This is the blurb for Our Particular Shadows (OPS):

What haunts you? What is your most intransigent fear? What is your stubborn trigger?

These are shadows. Your particular shadows.

The protagonists of Our Particular Shadows wrestle with their shadows, which could very well be your very shadow. There is no race, no gender, no nationality, no caste to distract you in this reading experience. Just the pure human experience of being and feeling and hurting and seeking…

The seven stories of Our Particular Shadows evokes devastatingly intense raw emotions and leaves you with a spirit that has in some measure cried out its lingering shadows. Your longing for connection, your promise of joy to yourself, your ever-evolving relationship with your ‘magician’, your absolute obsession with The One, even if they are your poison, the questions you ask each other after weathering devastation, the way you would nearly shoot yourself to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, your quest for quiet and satisfaction. You’ll find it all here.

Reach out—

Read the first story of Our Particular Shadows, ‘Longing’, on which the current book cover is based, by clicking: HERE!

At the moment, Our Particular Shadows is live only on Amazon, so to buy the eBook of Our Particular Shadows for $0.99/INR 49 (Amazon India), just click HERE!

(The book cover reflecting on the sale page is the first version, which I am working to get updated, but the text, etc. is the current one.)

Add OPS on Goodreads!

Don’t forget to leave a review! It helps immeasurably!

I can’t tell you how utterly lovely it feels to have Our Particular Shadows out in the world again! It’s coming full circle, it’s completing the first level of the apprentices journey and it’s a sign to move forward!

Happy soulful reading! 🙂


Welcome The Day ‪


In the last few years that I have been writing, I have tried to listen to that small inner voice of inspiration as well as mold myself into a disciplined artist. To varying degrees of success!

Through all that, I have learned that the essential self is paramount, no matter what you try, and that:

There are productivity days, there are insight days, then there are rest days. We need to welcome each kind of day.

I know a lot of us struggle with the prescription to write every day and to produce X number of words, etc. per day. To that I say:

Welcome every sort of day! See what you can learn from it, what riches it brings you.

The journey is the reward after all!


Book Cover Reveal For Our Particular Shadows!

I am delighted to present to you the re-imagined book cover for the first book of Shadow Stories, Our Particular Shadows, which is slated for re-release in August!

Are you ready?

Here it is, all starry-eyed, referencing the story ‘Longing’; the new book cover for Our Particular Shadows!

(Cover Design: Nikhil Karmokar)

Our Particular Shadows

Our Particular Shadows

What do YOU think? Do you like it?
Please let me know in the comments or by writing to me at radhika(at)radhikamukherjee(dot)com

Our Particular Shadows

Our Particular Shadows is a collection of 7 pieces of micro-fiction, each bite-sized story more poetic than the next. It is the first book of the Shadow Stories and features various ‘selves’ in their quest for light amid their very own shadows.

This book was my first release in 2013, and I am making it available again after revising both content and cover!

Our Particular Shadows will re-release on 14th August to all the eBook stores of the world.

If you’d like to read and review Our Particular Shadows, please write to me at: radhika(at)radhikamukherjee(dot)com

To add Our Particular Shadows on Goodreads, CLICK HERE!

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What Does The Blank Page Say?

Such an inviting thing, the pristine blank page!

Just waiting there with a hidden mischievous smile. Such temptation for me! To jump into the fray. To cavort with words, to play with sound, to create a whole world around.

To color it with ecstasy!

But sometimes, I have hesitated. Sometimes, I have been afeared. Sometimes tired, sometimes dazzled and many times too puzzled to respond.

Still it waits.

“Oh you will fall for me,” it says.

And I, what do I say?

“Yes, oh yes! Always!”

All About Broken Shadows

Broken Shadows - Copy (2)

If you’ve ever been hurt, ever felt bewildered by the world, ever felt it was all just too much, Broken Shadows is the book for you.

Broken Shadows is a collection of 12 abstract micro fiction stories which explore the sighs and sorrows of the deepest self. Joy peeks shyly from the shadows, while healing takes center-stage.

Want a taste before trying? Here’s a free PDF preview:

Click here for the first two stories!

Broken Shadows received a fabulous 5-star profession review from Readers Favorite!

Read the Review!

You can buy the Broken Shadows eBook for $0.99 / INR 0.49 at all the major eBook retailers:

Amazon (Kindle: will redirect to your local amazon store) :

Apple (iBooks / iTunes : Might only work for the US) :

Kobo (International link) :

Nook (Barnes & Noble : Might only work for the US) :…/1123563604

I’d love to hear from you about the book. Drop me a line at:

radhika (at) radhikamukherjee (dot) com

Happy reading! 🙂


Last Day You Can Read ‘Broken Shadows’ For Free!

Just uploaded my new book of short stories, Broken Shadows to Amazon! I am so all in a whirl!

And so while we wait for the book to go live on Amazon and then other platforms, I wanted to spread the joy! I am offering you a chance to read it just for today, completely free!

So this offer is valid this the end of day, today, 20th March 2016!

Click here to get the book!

Want to know more about Broken Shadows?

Here’s the cover:

Broken Shadows Cover_social media

Here’s the blurb:

Do you break out of the shadows or do you let the shadows break you?

That’s the central question explored in Broken Shadows.

Broken Shadows is a collection of 12 tiny, intense tales of isolation and discovery. Told in fluid, direct, ungendered, abstract prose, these stories are depictions of the self’s deepest, most painful, most vulnerable moments, along with its fledgling triumphs.

Told through the protagonist’s intensely personal, idiosyncratic (interior) monologue, the moments are arranged thematically. You read about the essentially solitary, shadowy essence of the self as it navigates pain, war, art, homelessness, addiction, betrayal, etc. along with the intransigence of its own nature.

Going beyond gender, beyond ethnicity, these snapshots of ephemeral moments are an exercise in understanding the universal through the specific.

It’s all about merging into a fleeting, shadowy moment and tracing how it turns on itself.

Immerse yourself in intensely executed, abstract written art!

And if you liked the book and wanted to post a review or spread the word, I would be totally over the moon!

Sounds good?

Here’s the reading application form link again!

Presenting The Book Cover For Broken Shadows (My New Book)

The book cover for Broken Shadows is all ready!  And I am so happy to share it with you!

These tiny, intense tales of isolation are sure to wring unexpected emotion from you. That is the sense we have tried to convey in the book cover, a depiction of the solitary self as it faces its shadows.

Will the shadows break them or will they break the shadows?

That’s the central question.

Here it is!

Broken Shadows Cover_social media

What do you think?

Broken Shadows will release on and around 19th March 2016.

Stay connected with the release by subscribing to my Newsletter or add Broken Shadows on Goodreads.

Read and Review My New Book?


I announced my new book on the website yesterday! Yay! 🙂

It is called ‘Broken Shadows‘ – a collection of 12 curated short stories.

Would you like to read and review Broken Shadows?

Just click here! 🙂

Imagining A Hogwarts for Writers

writing a book

Writers waiting for their Hogwarts letters take hope, there’s an alternate magical-mystical school to aspire to:

The Holographic School of Writing and Cogitating

Read all about it in this exploration of:

What If There Was a Hogwarts for Writers?

Delicate Beginnings

“Let’s play,” he said.

“Let’s dance!” she said.

And they ran, laughing and stumbling, falling into each other, onto the midnight starlit beach.

A New Way To Approach Writing and First Drafts

Read all about a radical and effective approach I’m espousing towards tackling the dreaded Blank Page and the natural outcome of doing so – first drafts!

Catch the article on my main website:

The Challenge of The Blank Page and First Drafts


Apparently (according to a recent blog post and book I read) one should just gush, almost vomit a torrent of meaningless words onto the blank page. No matter one’s state of mind. And then wade through the dross to mine a few nuggets of gold one may have left there.

But what if that work is being done elsewhere? One does not always need to spray the page with nonsense to arrive at sense, does one?

Read in full: The Challenge of The Blank Page and First Drafts

Let me know what you think, ok?

The Space of Endless Outlining

Stories Are Like Cloud Ships

Stories Are Like Cloud Ships

I live in a space of endless outlining.

So many story ideas – they are anywhere you focus on for even two minutes!

And so proto-stories pile up.

Piles upon piles…

And I want to write all of them!

Will a lifetime be enough?

When will even the first one come to fruition?


The Circular Thoughts of My Writing Mind

The Cloud and the Spark_Radhika Mukhrje

The Cloud and the Spark | (C) Radhika Mukherjee

I fear the fading of words

And the diminishing of my light.


This writing journey of stops and starts.

There was a bright flare in the beginning –

So mesmerising!

Now I face the slow hard climb back,

Which is almost slipping.

What do I hold onto?


Thoughts dissolve into ether—

Of the mind, the soul, the web.


The contrariness of my writing spirit

Is partly to blame.

It crowds my mind with longings and ideas

Nearly audibly!

Exactly when I have lots of other work.


Now that I’ve cleared space for it to blossom,

It’s off, cavorting with the fairies!


And so between me and my words

Me and my unwritten, massing, relentless stories—

A gulf.

Of years and aeons

And that one spark

The Writer’s Luminous Road

The Neverending Luminous Writing Road

The Never-ending Luminous Writing Road


There is a road all writers must take—

Stark, terrifying, mystical, mystifying, exhilarating.

Lashed together precariously by inspiration’s evanescence,

That never coalesces for long.


This is a road all writers have travelled, but each alone.

And the loneliness is palpable,

An intolerable pressure!

Of being alone is this ocean of people…


Yet strangely, it is only in the self, alone,

That one can strive for mastery over words.

Strengthen the visions that only one can see.

Only the self, all by itself, has the deepest answers.


And the road gleams on…

And beckons—



Want to Read an Awesome Author Interview?

Head over to my author/editor website! 🙂

I’ve just put up an interview with the author’s of one of the most compelling books I have edited so far, Exit Point.

Here’s the Link:

Q&A With Anil Goel : Author Of The New Tech Thriller – Exit Point

Questions, comments and thoughts are most welcome! 🙂


A Photographic Memory (A Flash Fiction Piece)

I only remember the photographs.

The actual memories have floated away. But her parting words echo with a peculiar glowing intensity. Going round and round in a wheel of fire in some desperate recess of my rotting mind.

Was there really nothing else to be said?

— A red t-shirt etched with thin strips of white.

The tinnitus and pulsing vision of sleeplessness don’t provide any respite.

Of course there are devices galore. I could call, message, cyber stalk. Or even write a letter? No, you need an address for that.

—A tip-tilted smiling, knowing face. Searching for the best spontaneous camera angle. Billowing, swept-away long hair.

It is an artist’s vocation to make art out of even misery. This is the way to tap into the zeitgeist. Explore our shared humanity. Engage the audience’s emotions.

Yet not one tiny shred of inspiration swoops down to rescue me.

—A day of an extraordinary shimmering light, which washes away the colors but leaves its own luminosity in the greens and blues.

Isn’t art solace? The highest pursuit possible, whose practitioners decode, interpret life for the tribe? How can an artist become immobilized by life then?

Perhaps just a text? It can’t hurt right? I’m concerned, I should show it.

Right, ok!

5 Life-Changing Novellas

The wonder that is Jonathan Livingston Seagull

The wonder that is Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Photo Credit: Wikipedia


There is increasing debate and interest around novellas. Which to me is wonderful news.

Some interesting viewpoints can be found in the articles: Ebooks Breathe New Life Into Novellas and Paris Literary Prize Celebrates Unique Art of the Novella.

This reminded me of a few amazing novellas that I absolutely love.

These books have transformative powers!

They are:

  1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull : A tale of a transcendent seagull in search of excellence.
  2. The Little Prince : The heartbreaking, mesmerizing, soul-giving account of a stranded pilot who meets an intergalactic traveler in the Sahara Desert.
  3. The Old Man and the Sea : Dignity and perseverance exemplified.
  4. Mrs Dalloway : That masterpiece of one day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway.
  5. The Ordinary Princess : The simplest and sweetest love story!

And a special mention for The Alchemist : a wonderful metaphor!

I do hope that we see more and more amazing novellas being published.

What’s your favorite novella?


These Are a Few of My Favorite Words

what are word for?

The Wonderful World of Words (Photo credit: Darwin Bell)

It was great fun to read/watch a list of some authors’ favorite words in The Guardian : Authors’ favorite words – a video alphabet.

So I thought, why not compile a list of my own?

Presenting to you a few of my favorite word-friends:






















Added Later:


What’s your favorite word?

Why I Don’t Write Good

After reading some of the most common writing advice out there I have come to the conclusion, I don’t write well.

My writing vices are:

Rich, redolent, nuanced language.

I don’t do simple.

Unusual, made-up constructions in language and thought.

Playful inventiveness.

A balance between showing and telling. As a writer, as a narrator I want to speak directly to my reader sometimes.

The story, the characters, the ideas are my special interests.

My characters are special people. I don’t write about everyman.

I write 1 sentence in place of 10.

The reader has to stretch and adjust and learn our common secret idiom.

Abhor plain and/or idiomatic language.

I think one word sentences are my right to write.

I just write the story, as it wants to be written.

Don’t pay attention to genre/rules.

I believe I am an artist working with words and I need to create unique beauty.

Writing is my life.

To make mine.

To rediscover.


What about you? In what way are you a fierce artist? And don’t write good?


However, there is one bit of advice I loved and which had affected my writing as well as my editing and critiquing and that is: Chuck Palahniuk on ‘Thought Verbs’



Excerpts from ‘Our Particular Shadows’

Boats At Sea

Nearly three months have passed since ‘Our Particular Shadows’ first went out into the Amazonian Sea! It will now pass out of exclusivity and go into wider distribution.

To celebrate the occasion, here are some excerpts from the narrations:

The Narrations begin thus:


I stretched out my hand. Did you know that?

Did you know, that one night; one moonless, clear, shining night; with the shadowy silhouettes of trees crisp against the star-filled sky – I, on the high, level terrace of my flat, stretched out my hand! Against all odds and possibilities of unbelief and grief – a life of searchings, discontent, and a nagging sense of unreality… A spider-web intuition of a spread-out, intricate illusion that wilfully withheld the truth from me. …


It was all decided then; this was it.

‘Farewell World. Maya – Illusion. I see through you, you are actually only emptiness. A vacuum filled bubble. Nothing about you shall affect me, or has affected me for a long, long time. I am outside the circle now; so what’s the difference?’ …


A magician took me for a dream-ride once. He swished his wand, and there he was, the conductor of that night’s dreams. What could I do, he was magic; and I had forgotten mine.

There was a lion I remember, we flew on it, with a Goddess, who showed us her realm. It was our world, just seen from above, and deeper. Layers and layers, and living metaphors, peeled away and joined again. Like sections of mist frozen in a photographic frame, suddenly coming alive! Swirling and forming shapes.

Does she inhabit our world, or are we trespassers on hers? – I thought. …


Poison, I want poison.

One long, never-ending, luxurious, rainbow numbness.

I, through broken eyes on my fractured, devastated world rain sorrow. The thin leash of reason slips away.

Oh, I have reason to despair. I do.

Everything I touch nowadays breaks. There is too much power in me, and too little. Nothing fits, it’s all falling apart.

I would will up a world to plug up the holes in mine, but— …


So, we went up a mountain, you and I. And came, almost safely back? Then why this distance now? Why are we hiding from each other, even as we stand not three feet apart? You, standing by the railing, holding it tight – staring into the precipice below. And I, by this boulder – vacuously – slipping down to sit on it. It’s nearly a week since we last spoke to one another. And we weren’t even apart!

Weren’t there days, of blue and glowing white sky, when joy seemed a never-ending season of yet more blinding light? That bulb of bright shattered abruptly. And millions of tiny shards of glass flew at us, and coated our skin. Now, we can’t even touch, it rends us with too much pain. …

About : Our Particular Shadows

If you want to know a little bit more about my book, “Our Particular Shadows”, then read on:

“Our Particular Shadows” represents some of my earliest, discrete works. These are very short stories, between 400 to 1200 words, of an abstract and experimental nature. They were written to experience the human condition more fully, to processes pain and desperation and happiness through the self, distil them and write about them in the truest manner possible. I envisaged that anyone, from anywhere should be able to read these stories without any filter of gender, class, or nationality and get directly connected to the emotional chaos that lies at the core of these stories.

Our selves, our deepest consciousness are not always coherent, do not always speak in complete sentences, so in my quest to portray the internal dialogue of my narrators, to bring you their unfiltered story, I have had to evolve my very own style of writing stories. Each of these stories is a raw cry of pain. My hope is that I have been able to bring you a tactile sense of the world of these wounded souls and that reading the stories will be a cathartic experience for you.

Book Release News: Our Particular Shadows

Hello Everyone!

After a wonderful book cover reveal, I set off late on 18th January to the forests of Amazon(.com) to submit my book. Now I had promised a release date of 19th January and it was quite late, so I wasn’t sure if I would make the release date.

From 11 pm (18th) to 2 am (19th) I re-formatted my manuscript, wrote the book description, wrote an author bio, re-validated my Amazon account and went through all the stages of uploading a book on Amazon, keeping a desperate eye on the clock. I was also able to complete a preview of what “Our Particular Shadows” would look like on various devices.

(Hint: Awesome! )

In the middle of this mad rush, my heart swelled when I saw this:


It felt so real! Like this is actually happening, I am a ‘real’ writer, an Author! It was a wonderful feeling. One that will keep me in the writing space for years to come!

Finally, all the modalities were over, and Amazon informed me that as my book was in English, I could expect it to go live in 12 hours. You know what? They didn’t even take that long!

I however, figured out that my book had been live since 7 am only this afternoon, as the confirmation mail had got stuck in my spam folder! But better late than never, right?

So now, here it is!! On the promised release date!

This is awesome!

Book Cover : Our Particular Shadows

Light Under Shadow is back with a bang!

It gives me immense pleasure to share the Book Cover of my upcoming book of Short Stories, “Our Particular Shadows” with you!

Tarrahhh!! Here it is:

Our Particular Shadows_Cover

Please let me know what you think.

Our Particular Shadows releases on 19th January 2013 through Amazon. 

Read more about it on Goodreads:

Amazing Series

A look at the best fiction series that I have read –

1. The Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett

The most spectacular series ever from the grand seigneur of fantasy fiction. A world crafted and maintained with care over more than 30 books. With each one fresh, vibrant, and insightful — some subtle nugget of genius hidden in plain sight. Each book is a delight.

2. The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper

This iconic series makes the light / dark conflict tangible with layers of complexity and historical references intertwined with the everyday world of Will Stanton who we first see as an 11-year-old boy — awakening to his powers. Simply and beautifully written.

3. The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (Being continued by Brandon Sanderson)

Words fall short in describing this 13 part monolith of literary achievement. One of my aims is to finish reading all the books in this epic saga!

4. His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

This is the series from which the movie ‘The Golden Compass’ was made.  It’s a rollicking adventure with an interesting take on theology and the soul. There is also a very tender adolescent love story there, against an apocalyptic background.

5. The Once and Future King by T. H. White

This is sheer delight. The Arthurian legend infused with whimsical magic and a particularly English charm. This is the version I always keep in my mind. This Merlin and all that surrounds him, is absolutely delightful.