Nature In Every Corner (#WordlessWednesdays)


Urban Nature (By Radhika Mukherjee)

Let’s Change the Paradigm

Bright Joy

Bright Joy (By Radhika Mukherjee)

We do a great disservice to the world, when we describe it, perceive it, classify it only through an evolutionary paradigm. All around, there are birds flying for the sheet joy of it, looping across the sky; monkeys whooping and playing and taunting dogs; there is a cow and a cat making friends… And the sun, great fiery ball of hydrogen though it may be, is smiling across to us from that unimaginable distance this fine end-of-summer day.

Even in our ‘modern’ ‘scientific’ minds, surely there is some space to expand our perception of this Earth, this Universe, to include love, the play of the spirit and sparkling, connecting joy?

Irrespective of species?

The mind extends beyond the body, it has to. If we can accept wi-fi, why can’t we think of our brains as being able to transmit waves of thought and intention? It’s all the co-mingling of matter and energy and vibrations, isn’t it?

What if the purpose was not to merely ‘evolve’? But to experience? To add? To feel?

What if each life, each rock, each drop of water, was an end in itself?

What if?


Oasis In The City #WordlessWednesdays


Fly, Darling Fly! (#WordlessWednesdays)


Spread The Love #WordlessWednesdays 

It’s Awesome #Review Time For ‘Our Particular Shadows’


Our Particular Shadows has received a thoughtful and delightful professional review from Readers’ Favorite!

It begins like this:

If you are looking for a collection of short stories that express various emotions but should be sipped upon as a fine wine, Our Particular Shadows (Shadow Stories Book 1) by Radhika Mukherjee can be the taste for your palate.

And then just makes my hear sing!

Read the full Review!!

To take the journey, at $0.99 for the eBook, go to:


B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd:

Happy soulful reading!🙂

Just Dance!

If I can’t dance,

My world stops a bit.


If I don’t dance,

My universe shrinks a little.


Without dance,

Any stillness achieved is stale.


Dance is primordial joy given form.

Without that joy, what’s meaning?


Dance today!

The IS will flow back.


Dance today!

Flow with vibrant joy.


Dance today!

Reach for bliss…

Behind The Curtain… (#WordlessWednesdays)


Curtain (By Radhika Mukherjee)



The Bright (By Radhika Mukherjee)

Glimmering sunlight liquid in the treetops,
A friendly crystal drizzle.
Missing rainbow.

A huge sigh envelops the world…


The Cawcus! (#WordlessWednesdays)

The Cawcus

Everywhere You Can Read ‘Our Particular Shadows’


So much of my heart is in this book! All that was sad and sublime, beautiful and breaking…
If you want to dive into another’s mind to better explore your own, this is the book for you.

Our Particular Shadows is a book of micro-fiction containing 7 stories told from close first person, which explore a gamut of emotions and situations.

To learn more, read the blurb below:

What is it that haunts you? What is your most intransigent fear? What is your stubborn trigger?
These are shadows. Your particular shadows.
The protagonists of Our Particular Shadows wrestle with their shadows, which could very well be your very shadow. There is no race, no gender, no nationality, no caste to distract you in this reading experience. Just the pure human experience of being and feeling and hurting and seeking…
The seven stories (micro-fiction) of Our Particular Shadows, for all their poetry, evoke devastatingly intense raw emotions and leave you with a spirit that has in some measure cried out its lingering shadows. Your longing for connection, your promise of joy to yourself, your ever-evolving relationship with your ‘magician’, your absolute obsession with The One, even if they are your poison, the questions you ask each other after weathering devastation, the way you would nearly shoot yourself to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, your quest for quiet and satisfaction. You’ll find it all here.
Reach out—

OPS Trees

There’s quite a journey hidden within this slim volume of micro-fiction!

To take the journey, at $0.99 for the eBook, go to:


B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd:

Happy soulful reading! 🙂





Morning Glow (#WordlessWednesdays)

Morning Glow

The Hummingbird Haikus

Hummingbird flower

Hummingbird Flowers (By Radhika Mukherjee)


We steal hummingbird flowers,

For the Gods.

Wings flutter in question…


Flowers bend and sway,

Hummingbirds divebomb the other,

Sunshine flutters.

An Amazing 5-Star #Review for Our Particular Shadows

Flower Present

It’s a good day when the the morning brings you news of a 5-star review for your book, right? Like someone giving you a flower!

Our Particular Shadows was called ‘delightfully much like poetry’ and ‘Spellbinding!’ on Goodreads and my heart is just brimming over!

Here’s the full review!

And just in case you want to check out the eBook on Amazon: CLICK HERE!

I’d love for you to experience my poetic micro-fiction!

A Squirrel Haiku! 

​Fat little squirrels chasing each other.

The branch sways,

Laughter bubbles. 

It’s Book Release Day For Our Particular Shadows!

Our Particular Shadows By Radhika Mukherjee

Today is the book release of Our Particular Shadows, Book 1 of the Shadow (short) Stories and my first baby book!

From 2013 when it was first available, to 2016, it has been quite a writing journey!

This is the blurb for Our Particular Shadows (OPS):

What haunts you? What is your most intransigent fear? What is your stubborn trigger?

These are shadows. Your particular shadows.

The protagonists of Our Particular Shadows wrestle with their shadows, which could very well be your very shadow. There is no race, no gender, no nationality, no caste to distract you in this reading experience. Just the pure human experience of being and feeling and hurting and seeking…

The seven stories of Our Particular Shadows evokes devastatingly intense raw emotions and leaves you with a spirit that has in some measure cried out its lingering shadows. Your longing for connection, your promise of joy to yourself, your ever-evolving relationship with your ‘magician’, your absolute obsession with The One, even if they are your poison, the questions you ask each other after weathering devastation, the way you would nearly shoot yourself to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, your quest for quiet and satisfaction. You’ll find it all here.

Reach out—

Read the first story of Our Particular Shadows, ‘Longing’, on which the current book cover is based, by clicking: HERE!

At the moment, Our Particular Shadows is live only on Amazon, so to buy the eBook of Our Particular Shadows for $0.99/INR 49 (Amazon India), just click HERE!

(The book cover reflecting on the sale page is the first version, which I am working to get updated, but the text, etc. is the current one.)

Add OPS on Goodreads!

Don’t forget to leave a review! It helps immeasurably!

I can’t tell you how utterly lovely it feels to have Our Particular Shadows out in the world again! It’s coming full circle, it’s completing the first level of the apprentices journey and it’s a sign to move forward!

Happy soulful reading! 🙂


Hope Shrouded In The Distance (#WordlessWednesdays)

Hope Shrouded In The Distance

Hope Shrouded In The Distance (By Radhika Mukherjee)

In Which I Melt Your Brains with My Scene-By-Scene Reactions to #HarryPotterAndTheCursedChild

Cursed Child

Totally almost non-spoilerey, scene-by-scene reactions!

This is how it all began:

So excited to start reading #HarryPotterAndTheCursedChild!! With a lot of EEEEEEEs!! (Of excitement, not terror!)

And then:             

Eww! Harry, Ron and Hermione sound like bored suburban parents in Act 1, Scene 1 & 2. Nothing magical! 😦

harry ugh

Act 1 Scene 3 (A1S3) of #HarryPotterAndTheCursedChild is looking interesting! They’re going to try and invert things i think! Cool!


I LIKE Scorpius! Only one with any humanity/ personality so far!

So sweet he is, this Scorpius! To think I could ever appreciate a Malfoy! Well played! Well played!

I’m confused! How can the Sorting Hat be walking??

And then the Sorting Hat “puts his hat on Rose’s head”! Strange right?

Poor Albus!! I feel for him now! Bad Sorting Hat!

Someone or something has totally cursed Albus! (I hope he’s not the Cursed Child!!) #poormite

Wow! Is Harry clueless about Albus in A1S4, or what? They couldn’t have a heart to heart over the holidays?

They’re overdoing Platform 9 3/4! It’s not that charming! I feel rushed, like I should catch a train!

Draco Malfoy has a ponytail! Cool!

Harry should get a prize for sensitive person of the year! #Not #WhatAMeanie

How are the Malfoys getting all the empathy till this point?

I cannot stop raving about how sweet this #ScorpiusMalfoy is!! Only kid-like kid in here! #adorable

Why couldn’t they have a scene at Harry’s house? Does everything need to be resolved at the platform?

Here I am, heart breaking for #ScorpiusMalfoy! Sniff!

Uf! Finally that never-ending Act 1, Scene 4 is over! Devastating! Onto 5. Ordered lunch!


To sugar or not to sugar is the question apparently!

Happy for feminism BTW!

Where’s my lunch? All the sweets are making me hungrier!



Lunch is here, so taking a break! Don’t want to get food on the new book! #BRB

Lunch done, emails done! I’m back to reading #HarryPotterAndTheCursedChild #yay!

The dialogue in the book was so much better! #nostalgia


Finally! We arrive at Harry and Ginny’s house!! #ICanBreatheNow

Things are getting serious! I sense that we are about to enter the actual plot!

Oh someone who’s cheerful at last! #Delphi! Reminds me I miss how Ron used to lighten things up. Sigh!

I really like clumsy characters! They’re so charming! I’m rooting for Delphi!


Awww! Poor Harry! He’s trying so hard! okay, I’m coming around to grown up Harry. Hooray!

Whoopsy Daisies! The way the scene ends!!  #suspense


The Dursleys are back! #why? #whygodwhy

Complete rerun. Why was it necessary? No idea!

A1S9 : Things are heating up! Portents are portending! Terribly stilted husband-wife conversation! That’s A1S9 for you!


Why do they have to be so self-conscious about hugging?

Some action is beginning to boil up! At last! #Yay!


Oh my gosh! The trolley witch! Wow!


And off we go!

A1S12: Expected more from Hermione’s character! Draco being the old Draco. O well!

A1S13: Cute!

A1S14: I miss the books! They were so much richer! Anyway, the action proper begins here.

A1S15: Harry, Ron, etc. haven’t been written right. Don’t feel right as adults or teens. But revelation time!

A1S16: O look! Polyjuice Potion my old friend! #huh? #why?


It’s way too freaky to hear the words”My Department” coming from the mouth of Harry Potter!


Still don’t understand #Albus at all! Even at Act 1 Sc 17. Maybe he’ll grow on me?

Back after a break! So to business!


Tension rising! I start to believe a little…

I have one word: Ewwwwww!!

So many #Ewwwwws!!


Complete chaos with none of the cleverness of the books. Or structure. Meh!

Really? It was all laid out to solve and find? Why? What? How? Also, too easy! Like sloppy fan fiction!

A2S1: Young Harry will break your heart! Also, nice magical suspense being built up!   #prayingforliftoff

A2S2: Tiny scene but hard work to read this overall! I am flagging fast! Even with breaks.

A2S3: Why are they all so rushed and cryptic? Great plays are never so!

A2S4: Wow! Feminism happened for nothing! Nothing I tell you! Also, Ew!

A2S5: Seriously, why do the centaurs have to be so mean? Mean writing ya! Just mean! Don’t we get to like anyone? It all has to be angst, angst, angst, is it?

A2S6: Scorpius strikes again! There he goes being all sweet and tugging at the heartstrings!

A2S6: Look, look! Magic! Special effects! Kinda feels like a Harry Potter. Distantly.

A2S7: More of the old. They don’t like girls here. Mom and daughter are identical? Magical cloning? #Wow

A2S7: Oh, Oh! Excitement! Strum and Drang!! Suspense! That’s what I’m talking about!


Dumbledore reduced to ‘kindly’! Oh unkind fate!

Dude, you’re an adult now! Make your own decisions already!

Okay, sorry! Wrong advice! Harry sucks at adulting!

A2S9: What on earth is PANJU!!! They know it’s slang in India, right? Wow! Just wow!! #EWWWWW

A2S9: Harry! Harry! Harry! Some sensitivity would be much appreciated by us all!

A2S10: What a numpty!! Harry that is. Do these writers just hate Harry?

A2S11: And Hermione too? They have gone too far I tell you! There will be an uprising!

A2S12: Those poor mites #Albus and #Scorpius! This is the emotional heart of the story!

A2S13: As adults also they’re using Expelliarmus! No imagination only!


How on earth does a non-student/non-teacher just slip into Hogwarts like that? Did they not read Hogwarts: A History?

Drowning in sentiment here!

A2S15: How come only one thing, Ron-Hermione changes? #TheyMustThinkWe’reDim

A2S15: Draco Malfoy! So very human. Who knew? I like it! Ginny’s pretty cool too!

A2S16: Uh! Apparently the jealously was all important! Weak! #TheyMustThinkWe’reDim


Okay, they’re taking the underdog thing too far and too literally with no resonance!

Where has all of McGonagall’s power gone?


Boys expressing their emotions. Nice idea, badly done.

A2S17: O Ron! O Hermione! Double sigh!

A2S18: Filler. Necessary. But…

A2S19: Will it work?

A2S20: Oh oh! Albus and Scorpius really messed it up this time! What scamps! But it’s getting compelling!

A3S1: Chilling! Also, go alternate Scorpius!

A3S2: Total terror now! What a world! Clever, to conjure this possibility…

A3S3: At least Draco didn’t go all Voldemort on Scorpius!

A3S4: How can alternate Scorpius be soooooo different?

A3S5: This is the real stuff, this scene! Nice new spell: Colloportus!

A3S6: Go Hermione!! Be an Amazon! Don’t ever give up your power! Also, is Dumbledore considered God/God-like?

A3S7: So funny! Ron, Hermione and the big SURPRISE! Onto the reversals then!

A3S8: Rinse and repeat! Ludo Bagman gets more insufferable every time!

A3S9: Can’t talk! Reading! Shhhhh!

A3S10: It should end here, but isn’t. What’s going on?

A3S10: At least McGonagall’s found herself again!

A3S11: Sons and fathers I tell you! Even when they have a heart to heart, it’s not a heart to heart!

A3S12: Woweee!! I’m a little scared! Hold me!


A3S13: Danger! Run!

A3S14: That scamp Scorpius! So sweet and sincere too! It’s not too early to declare him my favorite, right?

A3S15: I keep wondering, was that scene necessary?

A3S16: It’s all going pear shaped and it’s time for the tables to turn and give us the big reveal! Brace yourself!

A3S17: Why did we have to witness the utter joyless and mundaneness of the Harry Potter kids as grown ups? Even the romance falls flat! Persistent question for this book: WHY?

A3S18: Now you tell us! Actual villain come forth!

A3S19: Oh how the worm turns and how false heroism fails!

A3S20: So confused and confusing and then you realize the utter futility of it all!! Where you just have to stand by and watch!! The horror!

A3S21: Huh! Yes, yes, visually awesome but all hokey prophecies! Very convenient ones!


Again with the undermining real-Hermione! What are they doing?

Fatalistic much? Has a few resonances though. Makes you care, in a despairing way.

A4S2: Back to where it all started! Did they have to? I’m tired!

A4S3: A-quivering!!? Who talks like that? Who puts a word like that into a teenage boys mouth? Expository scene. No action.


It’s all about loooove!

This is like Han Solo and Princess Leia : “I know.”

What is happening?!?

Draco’s revelation! We totally should have guessed! Clever Hermione!

Still, it all seems futile! Unless—

A4S5: The teen conquering heroes figure out a way!! Will they? WILL THEY?

A4S6: Do they? Huh? Huh? (BTW: Totally implausible bit of magic!)

A4S7: I caught a typo! I caught a typo! (My editor’s heart is so happy right now!)

A4S8: Uf! How much Deus Ex Machina can a story sustain?


Will there be some resolution to the storm in the teacup?

Ginny figures it out! At least someone’s thinking!

A4S10: Surprise! Disguise! Will it work? Can it ever be so simple?


Passable performance there as the epitome of eeeevil! Lots of action!

Question: How can the Malfoys not know anything about a child born in Malfoy Manor??

A resolution with no empathy at all.

A4S12: They could and should have changed it all but instead they still stood there! And it’s heartbreaking! I need a cuddle! #WhereIsMyLiveTeddyBear

A4S13: I can’t even!

A4S14: Back to the status quo of cute teens! Also, what’s with all these self-conscious hugs? And have you noticed there’s  no cute British slang at all? No ‘git’, etc. I miss that! #GiveMeTheBooksAnyDay

A4S15: Ah! The proper heart to heart! Love wins the day! Sweet.


Slightly mawkish but sweet too. Stop being cynical!


 So there you have it, the kids had a romp and we said hello to most everyone and move forward an inch. Huge plus: Scorpius is altogether adorable! I’d read more about him in a shot. This one? Maybe I’ll read it once more. In a calmer frame of mind.

Should you read it?

It has pros and cons the play, the books are definitely better. Read it if you want to revisit the world and catch up with the grown-up gang and the next generation. 

Welcome The Day ‪


In the last few years that I have been writing, I have tried to listen to that small inner voice of inspiration as well as mold myself into a disciplined artist. To varying degrees of success!

Through all that, I have learned that the essential self is paramount, no matter what you try, and that:

There are productivity days, there are insight days, then there are rest days. We need to welcome each kind of day.

I know a lot of us struggle with the prescription to write every day and to produce X number of words, etc. per day. To that I say:

Welcome every sort of day! See what you can learn from it, what riches it brings you.

The journey is the reward after all!


Beckoning Glimmers of Hope (#WordlessWednesdays)

Glimmers of Hope

Glimmers Of Hope (By Radhika Mukherjee)

Book Cover Reveal For Our Particular Shadows!

I am delighted to present to you the re-imagined book cover for the first book of Shadow Stories, Our Particular Shadows, which is slated for re-release in August!

Are you ready?

Here it is, all starry-eyed, referencing the story ‘Longing’; the new book cover for Our Particular Shadows!

(Cover Design: Nikhil Karmokar)

Our Particular Shadows

Our Particular Shadows

What do YOU think? Do you like it?
Please let me know in the comments or by writing to me at radhika(at)radhikamukherjee(dot)com

Our Particular Shadows

Our Particular Shadows is a collection of 7 pieces of micro-fiction, each bite-sized story more poetic than the next. It is the first book of the Shadow Stories and features various ‘selves’ in their quest for light amid their very own shadows.

This book was my first release in 2013, and I am making it available again after revising both content and cover!

Our Particular Shadows will re-release on 14th August to all the eBook stores of the world.

If you’d like to read and review Our Particular Shadows, please write to me at: radhika(at)radhikamukherjee(dot)com

To add Our Particular Shadows on Goodreads, CLICK HERE!

Embrace The Epic! (#WordlessWednesdays)

Epic! (By Radhika Mukherjee)

Epic! (By Radhika Mukherjee)

Spot The Sleepy Elephant (#WordlessWednesdays)

Sleepy Elephant (By Radhika Mukherjee)

Sleepy Elephant (By Radhika Mukherjee)

Those Gremlin Days Of Art

The Body Of The Root

The Body Of The Root (By Radhika Mukherjee)

What is there within me today, that is deep and dark?

Complex chocolate foamy loam,

Worm dwelling, corporate shelling,

Ruined lives buried in glee?


What in me was dark is grey under siege,

In moments of such madness as these,

A poem is a silent angel of futility,

Parading unpretty in the hall of shame…


What is this world of melee?

What is proven if anything of fire?

There is but a chink of gold,

In each pearly sunset mound of flesh.


What is my glory, my honor?

Through words hot and cold,

I fly in incomprehensible circles,

And make my futile art of—






A Stilled Dynamic (#WordlessWednesdays)

A Stilled Dynamic

A Stilled Dynamic (By Radhika Mukherjee) 


My phone made a movie all by itself! It’s got the most amazing yellow roses in it!

Please watch: The Beautiful Yellow Roses (Real Beauty Series, 3) 


Behind The Light, Beyond The Dark

What Secrets Does Radiance Hide By Radhika Mukherjee

What Secrets Does Radiance Hide By Radhika Mukherjee

Today I have no words but those arranged before.

Today darkness crawls into the crevasses of me,

Today I wish for a different me,

One not so wounded, one not me!


What right has the light to entice?

What broken vision of perfection it peddles so unashamed?

What utter lie will ‘normal’ next tell?

Your healing, it fails—


Your promises, they fail.

Your bond frays.

Your words are charred wool.

There is no sense left in our electricity.


When you slip into the void,

When you rip open to the dark,

When blood pools in your hollows,

Is it not an inevitable relief?


I wander in waste,

I shout out in haste,

I cry when I could laugh!

And reach out, still I reach out—

I Want To Be A Lotus! (#WordlessWednesdays)

I Want To Be a Lotus

I Want To Be a Lotus By Radhika Mukherjee


Video 2 of the Real Beauty Series is now live! It’s a lovely moment of mindfulness, with swaying boughs laden with flowers!

Watch: The Beautiful Sway Of Flowers In The Wind (Real Beauty Series, 2)


The Call Of The Sublime


The Lighted Dark

The Lighted Dark By Radhika Mukherjee

The gulf between the sublime and me,

Wavers some days,

Then dances away,

Delighting in just the prospect!


That long leap—

Hangs in the shadows,

Darker than dark,

Lighter than light!


Just the inward smile,

Just the breath-spirit wide,

Just a little crinkle in the heart,

Is all I have to show—


That the heart of the world had called to me one day…


Reach for sublimity with my abstract, sublime book of micro-fiction with the rave reviews: Broken Shadows!

Buy for $0.99 on: Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, & Nook!

Happy reading! 🙂

My Brilliant Moony Friend! (#WordlessWednesdays)





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