All About Broken Shadows

Broken Shadows - Copy (2)

If you’ve ever been hurt, ever felt bewildered by the world, ever felt it was all just too much, Broken Shadows is the book for you.

Broken Shadows is a collection of 12 abstract micro fiction stories which explore the sighs and sorrows of the deepest self. Joy peeks shyly from the shadows, while healing takes center-stage.

Want a taste before trying? Here’s a free PDF preview:

Click here for the first two stories!

Broken Shadows received a fabulous 5-star profession review from Readers Favorite!

Read the Review!

You can buy the Broken Shadows eBook for $0.99 / INR 0.49 at all the major eBook retailers:

Amazon (Kindle: will redirect to your local amazon store) :

Apple (iBooks / iTunes : Might only work for the US) :

Kobo (International link) :

Nook (Barnes & Noble : Might only work for the US) :…/1123563604

I’d love to hear from you about the book. Drop me a line at:

radhika (at) radhikamukherjee (dot) com

Happy reading! 🙂


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