The Rainbow People

rainbow people

The rainbow people will come they say,

They will set it right.


What if you were one,

But got trapped in the pretty colors of the world?


What if you were one,

And they captured you?


What if you were one,

But gave into despair?


What if we are all of the rainbow,

But got enmeshed in the ordinary,

And lost the lance of light?


What if they made us so afraid,

That we feared stepping out?

And the crown of glory withered away?


What if all you wanted was a little light in your life first,

Before you took up the hard work of healing,

And held the ring of radiance at bay?


Were you then still of the rainbow born?

The one who could right all wrongs?

Heal the earth and make us smile?


What would make the rainbow people rise up and play?

How will they usher in a brighter day?

How will the prophecies ring true?


I count rainbows,

I watch the wind,

And I pray, pray, pray!



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(Image: Pixabay)

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