Let’s All Reach For Love


We need a great wave of love in the world, especially in India, right now.

Like a giant cosmic hug that would make all the angry people calm down and smile.

And distribute hugs.

And maybe a few kisses?

Think about that world…

Let’s make that world!!

9 thoughts on “Let’s All Reach For Love

  1. There are a lot of things to be angry about in this world which can be definitely not changed by love. However having been in a lot of countries of this world, I know for sure that things are normally always much easier with a friendly attitude even if you do not understand the spoken language of this area. This is a quite easy lesson to learn.

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  2. Oh, Sweetie, if only I could reasonably hope for this in the States. So much distrust, so much hatred for The Other. I am ashamed of my country. But from one person to one person maybe you’re right. Maybe it can be transformed.

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