The Wild Heart of the City

In the middle of a bustling suburb in Pune, tucked away within a broad, quiet street lined with flowers, lies a patch of wilderness.

It’s a glimpse of what used to be, before the buildings rose up; brightness and shadows kept contained by corrugated steel.

wild 1

Four trees, twisted by fate, prowl around each other among the defiant green:

wild 2

wild 3

Bougainvillea tangles into furious knots, warning greedy humans away:

wild 4

wild 5

And a young tree, full of foolish hope, dances along to the beat of the flowing creepers:

wild 6

And you?

You stand entranced. Compelled almost to tears by all this primordial intensity. Till the spell releases you, till your gaze shifts, to the road, to sweet green innocence:

wild 7

2 thoughts on “The Wild Heart of the City

  1. Looks very nice and also fascinating is the fact that biologists have found out that there is somethings like a real solidarity of trees deep in the earth which is working through the “internet” of their roots connecting diverse plants because together they are of course stronger.

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    • Oh yes, I have been reading about that. Fascinating! Like those old Enid Blyton books of the alive ‘whispering’ trees coming true.
      The shape of trees just fascinate me, they always seem like a reflection of the tree’s nature and mood.
      Do you think that’s true?


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