In Memory of Kafaal…

Death taints life.

Or does life taint death?

The black eyed turtle laughs,

Crawling into eternity.


Kafaal died, the day before yesterday. He was my Ma’s special dog, her closest companion. He was very friendly, thought laps were his to crawl into by right, understood everything you said to him. Loved his treats, loved milk. Would stand patiently while being bathed or dosed with medicine.

He lorded it over the whole pack for years till becoming quiet and ill in the end. he stood up and wagged his tail at Ma and then in an instant — he died.

Here he is–


4 thoughts on “In Memory of Kafaal…

  1. I’d like to share what I wrote when our dog Yasus passed away at the young age of 9. (cancer)

    best friend

    Emptiness step’d into Light
    remov’d the shadow from her soul
    hung it over our hearts

    we watch’d and wept
    at a half life
    his whole life

    we wonder’d why?
    when we knew why
    but wish’d we did not

    he was a palette of smiles
    who paint’d the world
    who suffer’d quietly into night

    and while we fight time to forget
    we only remember more
    ‘tis what we really want

    Our pets really are family. Peace.

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