There’s A Hunger There…

Hunger and Despair

There’s a hunger there,

Running on empty,

Slipping on oil slicks,

Drying up the winter sap.


Criss-cross coruscating desires,

Wildly leaping forward,

In a thorny void.






There is but broken,

There is but ravenous,

There is chaos,

And unknowing…


And chance-touched sublimity,

That will not let go,

Of the mind.


Will paralyze life!


Salt doll had no chance,

Salt doll with her hubris,

Salt doll sullied her light.


One tiny piece of art—

Was all she wanted.

She circled and circled,

And forgot everything else!


And life sweet!

Life turned,

To others,

To love.


When will it all mesh together?


For aloneness is there a cure?

Is there any hope,

For a girl who has forgotten to speak?


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