Why I Don’t Write Good

After reading some of the most common writing advice out there I have come to the conclusion, I don’t write well.

My writing vices are:

Rich, redolent, nuanced language.

I don’t do simple.

Unusual, made-up constructions in language and thought.

Playful inventiveness.

A balance between showing and telling. As a writer, as a narrator I want to speak directly to my reader sometimes.

The story, the characters, the ideas are my special interests.

My characters are special people. I don’t write about everyman.

I write 1 sentence in place of 10.

The reader has to stretch and adjust and learn our common secret idiom.

Abhor plain and/or idiomatic language.

I think one word sentences are my right to write.

I just write the story, as it wants to be written.

Don’t pay attention to genre/rules.

I believe I am an artist working with words and I need to create unique beauty.

Writing is my life.

To make mine.

To rediscover.


What about you? In what way are you a fierce artist? And don’t write good?


However, there is one bit of advice I loved and which had affected my writing as well as my editing and critiquing and that is: Chuck Palahniuk on ‘Thought Verbs’



7 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Write Good

  1. Chuck Palahniuk is one of my favorite writers because of his style (revealing characters and plots vs. telling his readers what to think) and I hope to emulate that in my own (teenie tiny) way. Thank you for a great reminder – and support for not necessarily following the writing “rules”.


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