The Futile Quest for Personal Perfection

A Cat is Perfect

Cats are perfect, especially the Queen of Cats. Photo: Radhika Mukherjee.

Let’s stop over-editing ourselves to achieve some sort of perfection.

In our life stories, or looks, weight or careers or relationships—

We lose so much in the process!

Cats are perfect.

We are humans, we can’t be perfect.

We don’t need to be.

Humans are uniquely beautiful messes and it’s our absolute right to be that way. Proves that we don’t have to mould ourselves to some robotic template devised by mindlessly moronic alien overlords.

Go on, go out there and celebrate your quirks –

Your not-quite-perfect nose,

Your food fetishes,

Your people issues,

That little (or not so little) bulge over the waistband of your jeans,

Your out of tune rhythm of speaking,

Your signature convoluted sentences,

Your silliness,

Your special, non-cliché love story,

Your crooked smile…

Don’t let anyone tell you what to be.

Or how the world is and should be.

Find out for yourself who you are,

Which world you would like to create,

What you like and who you want to be –

That might just be the path to bliss!

Do you agree?

What is the special brand of kookiness you celebrate in yourself?

How do you redefine the world we live in?

Please share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “The Futile Quest for Personal Perfection

  1. I did like this: when form melds with meaning:
    “Your signature convoluted sentences,” So original and a convoluted phrase if you weren’t convinced in the first place, in an otherwise ice-cream smooth poem.
    Laurie Keim


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