About : Our Particular Shadows

If you want to know a little bit more about my book, “Our Particular Shadows”, then read on:

“Our Particular Shadows” represents some of my earliest, discrete works. These are very short stories, between 400 to 1200 words, of an abstract and experimental nature. They were written to experience the human condition more fully, to processes pain and desperation and happiness through the self, distil them and write about them in the truest manner possible. I envisaged that anyone, from anywhere should be able to read these stories without any filter of gender, class, or nationality and get directly connected to the emotional chaos that lies at the core of these stories.

Our selves, our deepest consciousness are not always coherent, do not always speak in complete sentences, so in my quest to portray the internal dialogue of my narrators, to bring you their unfiltered story, I have had to evolve my very own style of writing stories. Each of these stories is a raw cry of pain. My hope is that I have been able to bring you a tactile sense of the world of these wounded souls and that reading the stories will be a cathartic experience for you.


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