Book Release News: Our Particular Shadows

Hello Everyone!

After a wonderful book cover reveal, I set off late on 18th January to the forests of Amazon(.com) to submit my book. Now I had promised a release date of 19th January and it was quite late, so I wasn’t sure if I would make the release date.

From 11 pm (18th) to 2 am (19th) I re-formatted my manuscript, wrote the book description, wrote an author bio, re-validated my Amazon account and went through all the stages of uploading a book on Amazon, keeping a desperate eye on the clock. I was also able to complete a preview of what “Our Particular Shadows” would look like on various devices.

(Hint: Awesome! )

In the middle of this mad rush, my heart swelled when I saw this:


It felt so real! Like this is actually happening, I am a ‘real’ writer, an Author! It was a wonderful feeling. One that will keep me in the writing space for years to come!

Finally, all the modalities were over, and Amazon informed me that as my book was in English, I could expect it to go live in 12 hours. You know what? They didn’t even take that long!

I however, figured out that my book had been live since 7 am only this afternoon, as the confirmation mail had got stuck in my spam folder! But better late than never, right?

So now, here it is!! On the promised release date!

This is awesome!

One thought on “Book Release News: Our Particular Shadows

  1. I would like to extend my congratulations and best wishes! This is sure to be an exciting journey for you. I always love seeing someone start one of those journey things.

    Alas, I do not have an eReader of any sort to read it on, unless you count my smartphone, which I have only used for such a purpose during particularly difficult time. Basically, I had trouble falling asleep with my ex in the bed, however, she did not and tended to use one of my arms as a sort of security blanket. My free hand would grope about for my phone, and eventually I ended up reading some Sherlock Holmes stories on it. That aside, there is a special kind of Luddite in me that has prevented my joining the digital reading ranks in favor of the company of paper, or the musty claustrophobia of a used book store.

    However, that may change soon, since I am running out of room to put these darn books. Should that happen, yours will be my first purchase. I promise!


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