Thought / Question

I got a great idea for a blog post – to relate a popular cultural icon to writing – and as soon as the idea popped-up; the words started to flow.

I tried to stem the cloud-burst; tried to jot down only the main idea in short form – as I had no time then – to come back to the actual writing later.

Alas, now that I stare at my miserly notes of hours ago; I find that the words have flown away. The scribbles on the page just don’t call up the same intense expression and thought-flow as the original moment of inspiration.

Why couldn’t the words just wait for me? Why did they fly away?


8 thoughts on “Thought / Question

  1. I write the same way you do, Radhika, and I can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me. I’ve learned that I have to chase the muse when she comes, or let it go.


  2. You know that is a good strategy, but for me, I have to write stuff as it occurs it me, it seems; otherwise I end up with something kind of bland. But I will definitely try and follow the grown-up way of writing sometimes 🙂

    Looking forward to your posts.


  3. I usually don’t rush into writing the moment I get a good idea unless it’s about attacking someone. I let good ideas cook in my head for weeks and months till they snowball into something overwhelming and I publish them only when the timing seems right. I have tons of things to write about for the rest of the year and the first month of 2012, and I’ll just try to spread it out and pace it right.


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