In the raw ferment of the new year, many things become clear, that things have yet to be done and yes, this is going to be one of those self-conscious posts about making plans for this blog (we all do one of those sometimes).

2010 has been a rewarding year in terms of writing. From being the garret/attic writer who wonders what is wrong with her, to one with a bona fide blog, many writer friends and a publication coming up!

Yes, a few of my short stories have found a home, with ‘Ether Books’ and you can find out about Ether Books here and about me as their author here.

December 2010 was mainly one of reflection and thinking for me. The base of many posts and articles were laid down, in my sleek, resonating, black notepad (paper, not machine) and will be expanded upon well into 2011. Which is of course a good time to think about direction. To think of a niche for ‘Deep Under the Shadows. The theme still remains the same:

Books, Writing, Beauty, Poetry, Publishing, Finding a Voice.

Where do you think ‘Deep Under the Shadows‘ should journey?

Please share your ideas in the comments section below.


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