When I discovered poetry,

The world suddenly sparkled anew:

A leaf seemed special,

A flower divine;

A song lit a wound inside.

The face of a lonely child,

The moonlight – mournful and mild,

The scent of a flower borne along the breeze,

A shell, lying on a sandy beach,

The waves splashing to and froβ€”

A baby sparrow chirping for more.

All this seemed to touch a placeβ€”

The tenderest spot upon my heart;

So that my heart would ache for joy,

And soar up high on gossamer wingsβ€”

Listening to a small child as she sings.

Then words became my special friends,

My time with them I would spend;

To try and express the joy I feel

To be part of such a magical world!


13 thoughts on “poetry….

  1. Browsing the dim back corner
    Of a musty antique shop
    Opened an old book of poetry
    Angels flew out from the pages
    I caught the whiff of a soul
    The ink seemed fresh as today
    Was that voices whispering?
    The tree of the paper still grows.
    ~Terri Guillemets


  2. Some poetry I’ve read in the past has just never made sense or was too complex for my simple mind… But this one is simple, meaningful and sweet… Just like the person who penned it down πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to more of your work.. And yes congratulations on the award dear.


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