Ms. Ibbotson the Great!

Sometimes, the importance of simplicity, combined with beauty cannot be overstated. I have read quite a few books by Eva Ibbotson now. All of her grown-up books and some meant for children. In each book she has brought to my hazy turmoil, my dusty soul – a sense of peace. A mental deep-deep breath of fresh, cool snow-touched air. She writes with such kindness and profundity that you want to be there forever – in the world narrated by her. Even the lost, crumbling worlds.

I also know, how does she know so much? In one book, it’s all music – Opera, Motzart, piano concertos. In another – biology. Then you have the Russians, the Austrians and of course, her favourite – Vienna and the Amazon. ( This is not an exhaustive list.)  I am lost, in happy, un-jealous admiration because she has enriched my life so much.

I love the fact that though her adult fiction are primarily romances, her heroines are special. There is no talentless, awestruck twit without wit or sparkle swept away by the charismatic uber-man. Each of her heroines have some talent or quality which makes them special. Some amazing intelligence of mind or spirit, combines with such a breath of heart! Her heroes too, are cut from the same cloth.

There have been very few authors in the last few years who have had such a kind effect on me. This is in the nature of public thank you note, to Eva; who celebrates the quiet way. I hope that there will be some more books from her, and my visits to the book store that much rewarding.