10 Classic Reads

10 Classics I want to have read :

  1. The full Iliad and Odyssey ( I’ve read just a few chapters of each.)
  2. The Divide Comedy By Dante ( Ditto)
  3. Khalil Gibran ( Read one poem, was intrigued. Now to find out more.)
  4. The Interpretation of Dreams  — Freud
  5. ( And therefore) Jung.
  6. All of Shakespeare (I’ve read about 5-6 of the original plays, lots to go.)
  7. All of Marlowe ( Read two, 5 to go)
  8. Paradise Lost – Milton ( Had the first bit in the college syllabus, so haven’t dared to go back. Took me the best part of a year to decipher what he was saying in the first place.)
  9. Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawkins (It’s the few chapter thing again.)
  10. All of Dickens – In original. (I’m kind of ashamed to say, I don’t remember which versions of which books I read as a child.)

I admit, I do, I’m just about half-educated. This is why I make such wish-lists. I feel the need to get all intelligent and fast!

What do you suggest and what’s your list?


2 thoughts on “10 Classic Reads

    • Hi Aditya,

      Thanks for the visit. 🙂

      Well they are the classics. I know, I’ve been chickening out of reading these books for years. That’s why there are here as a To Read list.

      Non-scary list coming soon. Promise!



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