The Many Shades of Serenity

The Many Shades of Serenity

The Many Shades of Serenity ~ (c) Radhika Mukherjee


Flowers of the Monsoon

The world is sparkling in color with the rains. The greens are greener and fresher, tender. The air is humming with cool freshness. And the flowers! Wow! The flowers are so happy, they almost dance!

Here are a few flower photographs captured on evening/morning walks around the neighborhood. On these walks I breathe! And sun-hunt and flower-hunt ever so happily.

First come the serene, rain drenched whites:

Then skip up the pinks:

Yellows nod at you cheerily:

Royal red says, ‘Yes indeed, more monsoons please!’

And did I forget the cat? Here’s the serene cat I met, resting ever so trustingly on a parked car. She was very gracious about being photographed.

What have you enjoyed about your walks recently?


Wild-ish Encounters

Even the urban space yields encounters with the wild and wonderful. In the last few days I’ve been cawed at by a raven, blinked at by a cat, been slobbered over by the cutest lab puppy (no photos unfortunately) and watched the camel man giving rides to children, wishing I was 4 again.

Here are a few photos:


Raven 2

White Cat

The Camel

What have been some of your wild-ish encounters lately?


The Sky Bleeds As We Do

Sky Bleeds


Her Peachness!

Her Peachness by Radhika Mukherjee

Her Peachness by Radhika Mukherjee


Such White Leads Us To Wonder

Such White Leads Us To Wonder By Radhika Mukherjee

Such White Leads Us To Wonder By Radhika Mukherjee


When The World Stops

When The World Stops By Radhika Mukherjee

When The World Stops By Radhika Mukherjee


On The Way To Narnia

On The Way to Narnia by Radhika Mukherjee

On The Way to Narnia by Radhika Mukherjee


At The Cusp of Magic

At The Cusp of Magic

At The Cusp of Magic


Celebrating A Hundred Posts On Light Under Shadow!


It’s been quite a ride, hasn’t it? Started as a way to feel creative, like me again, Light Under Shadow was originally called ‘From Deep Under The Shadows’; exactly what I felt like, that I was hidden somewhere in shadow.

From tentative beginnings to finding validation for being all that I can be, to this amazing milestone, of a 100 blog posts! It’s been a blessing to be a part of the WordPress blogging community for all these years!

I want to thank you for daily doses of inspiration and soulfulness and for the amazing support you have shown this whimsical little blog of mine.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane with a recap of a few noteworthy posts:

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I hope to see you here for the next hundred posts! :)