The Surprise Sunshine Song

sparkling sunshine

sweet wind

dancing leaves

swaying trees

a little respite from the rain

a little time to play and smile

even if grey cold returns

we can remember this glory in turns

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Wind and Water

Flower scented, warm, monsoon wind beckons. 
Yesterday, the water turned heavy like syrup…
Is it simply the quickening in me?
Or does the world indeed transform?


How the Light Shines (Photo Post)

On a beautiful summer day, I took a morning walk and brought home ephemeral beauty captured in pixels and light.

And it is this light we celebrate today! (Along with the 4th birthday of this blog!! :))

Shining Bright

Shining Bright

Look how happy this flower is, on meeting the sun for the first time that day!

Basking in the Sun

Basking in the Sun

Stay bright… Shine on…


Fallen Beauty

Fallen Beauty

Lilies. Fallen. Overladen with beauty.


Indie Author Spotlight – open for submissions

Originally posted on Indie Hero:

At least once a month, Indie Hero will feature an Indie Author. If interested, please submit the following:

- Author name / book title

- a brief bio

- book purchase links

- social media links: twitter, facebook, etc.

- Responses to the following questions:

  1. Why did you decide to go indie and self-publish? What was the process like for you?
  2. How do you market/promote/advertise? What’s been successful and what hasn’t?
  3. What advice would you give to an author who’s trying to decide between traditional publishing and independent?
  4. When/how did you realize that you wanted to be a writer?
  5. Most indie authors have day jobs. How has your current or previous employment informed your writing?
  6. Do you have any favorite authors and do they influence your writing?
  7. Anything else readers should know about you?

Please send (just the info listed above) to indieheroblog at gmail dot com

subject: Indie…

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While I am Editing…

I’ve been editing away for the past few months. So lucky to be a part of such mammoth book projects! But they have left me with nary a moment to blog.

So while I edit some more, I wanted to share a photo of my cute editing/writing guardian/muse with you:


She’s always encouraging me on!

And now she says to you: Smile, close your eyes and take a deep breath.




Faerie Knight (A Fun Springtime Poem)


(To One Lost to a Far Off Time)

Noble eyes, cherry lips, where are you gone;

Have you gone over the mountains to slay a dragon?

Are you setting off on your charger to save a maid from a giant?

Where are you then if not searching for the holy grail?

—Sitting in the castle tower with your master,

Learning the old ways of knighthood and errantry?

Or are you sitting, like Don Quixote, in a chair

And dreaming of grand chivalry and nobility out of books?

          Because, alas for you—

         The age of valor has gone forever.

          A duel with a cricket bat is far more applauded now.

          What do good deeds, pure hearts and quests matter anymore?

          Does anyone even care?

When fairies are gone, and wizards are rare—

A knight for a quest, could anyone spare?


The Perfect Imperfect : Photo


Celebrating Springtime with a Poem and a Photo!


Spring! (Copyright: Radhika Mukherjee)

Just before the spring rains drummed out its beats
There was a day of transcendent brightness…

The world smiled!

Blue brightened
Fluffy white clouds sparkled
And Green sang!


Countering Digital Noise With Books

Countering Digital Noise

Countering Digital Noise

If your mind is buzzing with digital noise, just pick-up a physical book and start reading. Paper Books promote peace.

The combination of the soothing smell of the book and the serene non-glowing pages with gloriously static letters will start to imperceptibly calm you down. You’ll notice your need for digital stimulation plateauing and then waning. Your heart and mind will stop racing and the words of the book will start-up a steady rhythm of deep, meaningful cognition in your system.

If you read a paper book each day, for at least 30 uninterrupted, silent minutes, you’ll equip yourself to deal with and even thrive in the digital deluge.