The Perfect Shapes of Infinity

The Perfect Shapes of Infinity | © Radhika Mukherjee

The Perfect Shapes of Infinity | © Radhika Mukherjee


The Flickering Light Of Hope

Light and Hope

Light and Hope

This time for me

Is one of hope for dreams.


For dreams to come true,

For hurts to mend.

For words to flow.


It lights-up and flickers

Almost dies down

And then burns bright again.


And so goes this living-writing journey…


Delicate Beginnings

“Let’s play,” he said.

“Let’s dance!” she said.

And they ran, laughing and stumbling, falling into each other, onto the midnight starlit beach.


A New Way To Approach Writing and First Drafts

Read all about a radical and effective approach I’m espousing towards tackling the dreaded Blank Page and the natural outcome of doing so – first drafts!

Catch the article on my main website:

The Challenge of The Blank Page and First Drafts


Apparently (according to a recent blog post and book I read) one should just gush, almost vomit a torrent of meaningless words onto the blank page. No matter one’s state of mind. And then wade through the dross to mine a few nuggets of gold one may have left there.

But what if that work is being done elsewhere? One does not always need to spray the page with nonsense to arrive at sense, does one?

Read in full: The Challenge of The Blank Page and First Drafts

Let me know what you think, ok?


The Space of Endless Outlining

Stories Are Like Cloud Ships

Stories Are Like Cloud Ships

I live in a space of endless outlining.

So many story ideas – they are anywhere you focus on for even two minutes!

And so proto-stories pile up.

Piles upon piles…

And I want to write all of them!

Will a lifetime be enough?

When will even the first one come to fruition?



A Beautiful Sendoff From the Bengal Sky

Resplendent Bengal Sky ~ (c) Radhika Mukherjee

Resplendent Bengal Sky ~ (c) Radhika Mukherjee

For the past month or so, I was in Bengal, where I am from.

It was an extraordinary month for nature’s beauty and bounty.

(Mangoes in August/September, what unexpected richness!)

And on the way to the airport, it was as if the land and skies shone especially bright. (Dare I say for me?)

I hadn’t seen such a crystal sharp, luminous, laughing sky in a long time.

Another rewarding experience was browsing through the airport bookstore and discovering they’ve stocked two books edited by me!

So this is a thank you to Bengal (and my Mom!) for a wonderful trip and an amazing send-off!

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Question For You

People who play the roles of terrible, despicable, venal villains on TV or the movies, have to have a good sense of humor, right?


The Circular Thoughts of My Writing Mind

The Cloud and the Spark_Radhika Mukhrje

The Cloud and the Spark | (C) Radhika Mukherjee

I fear the fading of words

And the diminishing of my light.


This writing journey of stops and starts.

There was a bright flare in the beginning –

So mesmerising!

Now I face the slow hard climb back,

Which is almost slipping.

What do I hold onto?


Thoughts dissolve into ether—

Of the mind, the soul, the web.


The contrariness of my writing spirit

Is partly to blame.

It crowds my mind with longings and ideas

Nearly audibly!

Exactly when I have lots of other work.


Now that I’ve cleared space for it to blossom,

It’s off, cavorting with the fairies!


And so between me and my words

Me and my unwritten, massing, relentless stories—

A gulf.

Of years and aeons

And that one spark


The Writer’s Luminous Road

The Neverending Luminous Writing Road

The Never-ending Luminous Writing Road


There is a road all writers must take—

Stark, terrifying, mystical, mystifying, exhilarating.

Lashed together precariously by inspiration’s evanescence,

That never coalesces for long.


This is a road all writers have travelled, but each alone.

And the loneliness is palpable,

An intolerable pressure!

Of being alone is this ocean of people…


Yet strangely, it is only in the self, alone,

That one can strive for mastery over words.

Strengthen the visions that only one can see.

Only the self, all by itself, has the deepest answers.


And the road gleams on…

And beckons—